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Ways to Get your HVAC Ready for Summer

One of the signs that winter is at its end is when there is the rise of the temperature and with that, people will also start doing their annual spring cleaning. Dusting away the cobwebs from winter as well as cleaning the windowsills is just few of the ways to start making your home in a very good condition. But there is always one item in your home that you often forget to clean and that is your air conditioner.

You should always make sure that your air conditioner is in its best state already before the summer heat starts just like how you prepared your furnace before the start of the winter season. Hiring a professional HVAC contractor to clean and inspect your HVAC system is a very good idea to do before the summer starts so as to guarantee the comfort of your family during the summer heat season.

Before summer even begins, you must see to it that you have checked your air conditioner for any potentials problems. It should be your job, too, to check that the air filters are changed regularly since this is one of the maintenance for your unit. Once you ignore this, the costs will be on you since you will have to pay more on your electric bill because your filter is consuming a lot of energy as well as potential reason to buy a new unit because your existing unit’s lifespan decreased. But if you purchase the air filters, make sure that these are recommended by the manufacturer of your HVAC system.
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You should also make sure that you clean the air returns and registers of your air conditioning unit. You must also secure the vents and registers are free from dust and are opened so that clean air can freely enter and exit the cooling system. You should also check if the ductwork is properly sealed because if there’s leakage or loosening, the cool air looses that will cause for your cooling costs to shoot.
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Make sure that you also check for any dirt or dust on your evaporator coil. You must use only the special cleaners that are designed for the refrigerant coils. However, accessing the evaporator coil is really difficult. The best thing to do is just hire a professional HVAC contractor that will do the maintenance.

For outdoor air conditioning unit, this must be free from any debris. To ensure that the outdoor will be able to maintain proper airflow, you must not allow any overgrowth or leaves present around the unit therefore they must be removed. Keeping away the unit from water will help in avoiding premature rusting and corrosion.

Always remember to hire only a reputable HVAC contractor to do everything for your cooling system.