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Some Useful Suggestions if You Want to Stop Smoking Weed Many people assume that being hooked on smoking weed is the same case as addiction to cigarette smoking. As a matter of fact, it is not the same case for both. Marijuana does not have any chemical substance that can cause physical addiction, but it is more of a psychological case because of the sensation that smoking weed evokes. And because it is rather a psychological issue, a solution must be approached from that perspective as well.Obviously, the person who is has an addiction to weed should be willing to carry out the necessary actions. If you want to kick off the habit of smoking weed, here are some strategies that you can follow: Persuade yourself that you really need to quit. Knowing that you are having some kind of psychological problem, you need to convince yourself that you really have to quit. You need to look at weed at a totally different angle and acknowledge that it does not help you at all. Remember how smoking weed caused some bad things in the past to happen in your life. Think of all the blunders you’ve had that were caused by this stupid habit. How did you feel back then? And imagine what your future will be like.
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Substitute the sensation. People “want” to smoke weed and they take pleasure in the sensation that is aroused when they do so. As such, engage in a different activity to try and substitute those feelings with positive ones.
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Imagine the feeling of being high and explore other things that can offer a level of satisfaction similar to that. Find something whether you are going to work out, to do something enjoyable with friends, or to practice a new sport. Spend time to discover some healthy alternatives that offer constructive feelings. Surround yourself with the right people. Actually, if your all people in present social circle are smoking weed themselves and do not have any intention of quitting, you cannot expect to find it easy to quit yourself. If this signifies giving up some friends in particular then you might as well go ahead and do so. On the other hand, you can associate with people who will support your desire to kick the habit, and even join some committed support group. Take one step further Finally, some people will be able to restrain the habit through a combination of will power and the above points alone.You might have to dig further. Having an all-inclusive system that will guarantee that you keep your focus on the objective is an excellent idea. A good method will be to add up the money you get to save by renouncing the habit, reminding as well congratulating yourself for this each day. Another particular thing for you to do is to aim to stop in only a matter of 30 days.