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Selected Motivation to Undergo an Accent Reduction Class

Are you one of those non-native English speakers who are settled in US and currently involved in US companies? A class from an ESL program is something you should engage yourself to if you want to reduce or get rid of the accent you have. What for? A list of reasons have been constantly given as to why reducing your distinct accent may be able contribute to the triumph of your business.

To begin with, fatal business mistakes can occur from your colleagues, customers or business partners not understanding a word you said because of your audible accent. In almost all scenarios, people will just make guesses about what you said and execute it, just to save both parties the embarrassment of asking you to repeat yourself. Endless difficulties can spring out from this misconduct.

Moreover, people tend to have problems maintaining their concentration on what you are saying. During a business presentation, this struggle can be more visible, like when saying business terms differently especially when you are introducing complicated words that even known English speaker has trouble saying. You need to keep the minds of the potential customers or colleagues focused on you for them to synthesize and conceptualize what you are saying, you try your best for their minds not to float on tonight’s dinner, their families at home and an upcoming golf game event this coming weekend.
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Your daily activities can help in reducing your accent and make your speech more concise and clear, such simple things like ordering food at a restaurant, making your reservations for a hotel or airplane ride and for asking directions. On the process of achieving the tasks given above, you are more likely to feel frustrated and you can also feel that your precious time is being taken away from you. Time will always be equal to money always bare that in mind.
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Last but certainly not the least, although we are aware that the US is a better place than most part of this world, we still can’t deny the existence of prejudice. Playing field is one of the advantages of getting rid or simply reducing your accent, not being discriminated by several foreign nationals is also a great benefit from it.

If reading this article gives you excitement about the ESL program, feel free to post something about it on a site or your blog and pass this link forward to your friends. Great day ahead of you!