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Tips for Landing the Lowest International Shipping Rates

Is your online store currently evaluating the available global shipping options like DHL Paket International and Expressversand? It’s critical that you scrutinize your options because shipping cost constitutes one of the biggest problems facing online buying. If you’re able to offer free shipping for your overseas online customers, you’re likely to increase sales. However, your bottom line will be substantially affected if offering free shipping for products ordered online while you’re paying dearly for the same.

Here, we examine several ways you may minimize shipping costs while capitalizing on global sales opportunities:

Compare Shipping Prices

Prior to selecting from numerous couriers, compare their respective rates for global consignments. Granted, you may find it tricky to compare international freight costs set by various couriers, especially if you’re new to such services. You’ll be delighted to learn about the online tools you can use to compare global consignment prices in a way that’s easy and straight-forward.

For example, check out a site associated with recognized freight companies, providing an under-one-roof platforms for comparing rates and choosing the lowest that satisfies your exact delivery needs. Always compare shipping rates against their respective delivery windows.

Consider the Weight and Dimensions of Your Shipment

The weight and dimension of your package are very necessary to determine when choosing a shipping service and comparing rates. It’s recommended that you utilize a shipping scale and not a traditional one (such as a bathroom scale) that may yield inaccurate measurements for your shipment. Similarly, use the lightest packing material possible to contain your shipment. Some viable options include bubble wraps and peanuts. Newspapers are not great for packing items for international shipping as they introduce extra weight and shipping charges.

After you’ve weighed the package in lbs and measured dimensions in terms of length, width, and height, go to a shipping rate comparison website and supply the measurements in a provided online calculator. You may also work out your shipping charges based on the zip code of your item’s destination.

Figure Out All Exceptions for Your Package’s Destination

With the issue of international shipping, specific types of items may face some restrictions. An example is when a country slaps a ban on particular merchandise from overseas sources. Additionally, a shipping provider may fail to reach a certain country, and when it does, special additional fees may be applicable. Look for any special shipping rates that may apply for your item as you compare rates, helping save you money.

So, are you going for DHL Paket International or Expressversand to help ship your merchandise overseas? To choose correctly, be sure to review global shipping rates on the web. This way, you’ll get low and reasonable rates too!
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