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What to Know About Anabolic Steroids Anabolic steroids are more commonly known as ‘steroids’ are very popular in the whole world of bodybuilding. In terms of effects if has on the user’s body, it’s actually similar to the effects of testosterone; users can achieve larger muscles at shorter period of time. These substances don’t come from dried plants or the bark of certain trees or any natural element for that matter, they are man-made substances. A lot of health issues were linked to the use of steroids, sure they bad for a person’s health if abused much like any substance or supplement out there. Common Side Effects Steroids, or the excessive usage of it, can cause quite a number of side effects; heart and liver disease, acne, new hair growth, bigger breasts, smaller testicles and even cancer. Steroids essentially mimics most of the effects of testosterone and that include the heightened male attributes which a user will immediately notice; one of the possible attributes that a person might develop is the aggressive behaviour.
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This creates such a prejudice really, one people find out the negative effects of steroids they want nothing to do with them, when in truth every drug has a side effect. The truth is that they are not all that recommended, they can be though for many cases. Steroids are recognised for their properties that can cause the users to get addicted especially when they abuse the drug; like any drug, they are dangerous for the health when you take them at larger amounts than recommended.
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Medical Uses of Steroids Just because a drug or substances gives off great benefits but may cause a side effect or two, doesn’t meant that the product is despicable and should not be used. If it was thoroughly all that bad, then production for the substance should have been stopped years ago, they have other major uses despite the known side effects. Helps a Person’s Appetite There are many valid reasons as to why a person fails to eat the proper amounts of food or fail to eat anything at all like digestive problems or other health issues, steroids are recommended in these cases; steroid can properly enhance a person’s appetite. Technically speaking, the steroids administers a necessity to the body, the necessity to consume food, thus it helps a person recover in a way. Getting bigger or better muscles is but a bonus from steroids, it is also regularly given to people suffering from AIDS or those who have cancer. Steroids in Bone Marrow Take note that this isn’t really practised today, a few years back, steroids were given to those with hypo-plastic anaemia in order to help stimulate the bone marrow; the stimulation helps the bone marrow produce better amounts of substances that can aid the body in its fight.