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What Advantages Can we Get from Taking Eleuthero or Siberian Ginseng? There is another popularly known ginseng along with the Chinese and American types which is called Siberian ginseng or Eleuthero. Compared to the other forms of ginseng, this Eleuthero has the same effects in the body like increase in energy, reduction of fatigue, and strengthening of the body. But this type of ginseng is especially beneficial for people who has what is called as the Qi deficiency which is characterized as having a pale face, pale tongue, a slow pulse which is slower than 72 beats per minute, low energy, poor digestion, and a low appetite. People who have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy can also benefit from taking Siberian ginseng. This type of ginseng is said to have anti-tumor properties as revealed by research conducted in China. Siberian ginseng is seen as inhibiting the growth of tumors and prevents it to metastasize to other parts of the body. It also reduces the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy lowers white blood cell count which is a condition called leucopenia, and Siberian ginseng is said to prevent this condition in patients of the treatment. The research also shows that Siberian ginseng can probably boost our immune system and help antibodies to increase its production. The blood sugar levels is said to be lowered by taking Siberian ginseng especially in people with adult onset diabetes. It is still important to monitor if your blood sugar level is stable and physicians can use this data to adjust your medications. Eleuthero can regulate blood pressure which Chinese ginseng cannot. It can normalize both high and low blood pressures. People with cardiovascular problems can safely take eleuthero but not Chinese ginseng. If you have angina pectoris or experience frequent heart palpitations then eleuthero is a possible treatment for these conditions.
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Memory and mental function is said to improve with Siberian ginseng. If you have altitude sickness, then you need to take Siberian ginseng to overcome this. The effect is sedative in low doses and is ideal for those who have insomnia, but for those who need to be stimulated, they need to take high doses of this Siberian ginseng. People with arthritis and rheumatism are said to benefit from taking Siberian ginseng. People who take Siberian ginseng are said to exhibit auditory and visual sharpness in stressful conditions and stress tolerance is also increased.
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People who are experiencing mental or physical stress and those who are weak because of lingering illness or old age can benefit from taking Siberian ginseng. It also benefits cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, people with AIDS or HIV, and people who have chronic fatigue syndrome. Taking Siberian ginseng gives the body a lot of benefits especially those who have diseases and stress and those with symptoms or Qi deficiency or low energy.