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Solving Feuds Through the Court of Law

Law by itself is the practice of seeking justice for all and sundry for the benefit of contentment of the society. The people claiming to be a victim of a certain type of loss either physically, emotionally or financial can thereby go to a court of law to seek compensation for the loss to be recovered. Due to the broad nature of law everyone is accommodated in any type of wrongdoing. For a person who wants to be a professional lawyer then he/she would be able to choose from the many fields there are.

In the example of family feuds then there is a field of law that ensures that the family comes to an accord. They enable a family to be peaceful in the long run. Inheritance issues can be solved using this type of law thereby enabling them to come to an agreement. They also help a couple in getting to an agreement on how the divorce would be work. The court would give a ruling according to which partner would be in the wrong. Solving family disagreements would require a court of justice to intervene for everyone to feel in cooperated by the judgment.

Two partners if they wish would want to share their property in any way they wish before they wed. This would require a family lawyer to be present as a witness. They would enable them to share everything in the unfortunate event of a divorce. If it would be unfair to one partner then the lawyer levels the ground. A partner can appeal in the event that he/she isn’t contented. The judge would give the verdict according to the evidence.

The judgment almost always inclines to the person with the most evidence. Personal injury lawyers on the other hand usually seek to get their clients compensated in the event of an injury that they feel was done due to negligence on the other party. This field of law usually concentrates on injury inflicted to the client, and therefore the defendant would be warranted by the court of law to pay for the bill that would be incurred in the hospital .

Evidence is vital in any field of law. The court of law would, therefore, ensure some form agreement is formed. Landlord tenant law would basically be involved in solving feuds between landlords and tenants . The landlord -tenant disagreement may be as a result of a myriad of conflicts, but it usually revolves around unpaid arrears’ . This kind of disagreement has its own lawyer who is there to enable justice to prevail, and the tenant who is not paying the rent would, therefore, pay any rent that he/she had not paid. The landlord-tenant law is made for the purpose of reaching an accord between the two parties involved.

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